A La Carte Menu

Available Tuesday to Saturday during Lunch and Dinner


A small dish served before meal to increase the appetite.

Homemade Focaccia bread with olive oil and balsamic 2.95

Mixed olives 2.95

Sharing platter (Gluten free*) 11.95
A perfect dish with a selection of our popular startersArancini, chicken liver parfait, Duck Croquettes and mixed olives

Soup(Gluten free) 4.95
Freshly prepared soup of the day

(V)Arancini(Gluten free*) 5.25
An Italian dish made of Arborio rice, ragu and mozzarella, bread crumbed and deep fried with red Leicester cheese sauce. Arancini are traditional food for the feast of Santa Lucia on 13th December when bread and pasta are not eaten

Pigeon (Gluten free) 6.15
Seared breast with spiced lentils and creamed cabbage

(V) Caprese Salad (Gluten free) 4.95
Beef tomato, buffalo mozzarella slices layered with fresh basil and avocado finished with pesto dressing. This is a perfect accompaniment to any dish with your Main course

Chicken parfait (Gluten free) 5.45
Chicken liver parfait blended with butter, shallots and brandy served with brioche, apple, ale and chilli chutney

King Prawns(Gluten free) 8.95
Head on King Prawns cooked in garlic, chilli and paprika with Asian style salad

Moules(Gluten free) 6.95
Mussels steamed in choice of sauces
Thai curry or bacon, cream and tarragon

Scallops(Gluten free) 9.25
Pan seared Scallops served with black pudding, pea puree and finished with a leeks nest

(V) Tortellini 5.45
Spinach and ricotta flavoured pasta parcels, vegetable consommé. Tortellini sometimes also described as naval shaped, hence their alternative name of “belly button”

Croquettes (Gluten free*) 6.15
A mix of Duck breast, onion, garlic and black pudding, bread crumbed and deep fried served with broad beans and mint pesto

Mackerel (Gluten free) 5.95
Mackerel fillet, sautéed potatoes, chorizo and salsa Verdi


The most prominent course in your meal

8oz Sirloin (Gluten free) 21.45
10oz Rib eye(Gluten free) 24.95

Cooked to your liking served with a choice of Béarnaise, Diane, Hollandaise or Peppercorn sauce and dauphinoise or hand cut chunky chips, sugar snaps & leeks medley

Medallions(Gluten free) 23.95
Succulent pieces of fillet cooked medium rare served with Diane sauce, sugar snaps & leeks medley and choice of hand cut chips or dauphinoise

Surf and Turf – Add King Prawns or Scallops 3.95
Perfect accompaniment – spinach with chillies & garlicorkale with pancetta 2.95

Venison (Gluten free) 19.50
Venison loin cooked pink, duck & black pudding croquette, savoy cabbage, cherry & Malbec jus
Perfect accompaniment – Plain mash orred Leicester mash 2.95

(V) Risotto(Gluten free) 12.95
Arborio rice with a delicious mix of roasted pepper, sun dried tomatoes and grilled halloumi
Add Chicken/ Sea food mix (Mussels and King Prawns) 2.50/5.25
Perfect accompaniment – Chunky chipsorshare a Caprese salad 2.95/4.95

Sea Bass (Gluten free) 17.75
Butterfly sea bass, Cajun seasoned, served with fondant potato, spinach, coconut milk sauce
Perfect accompaniment – Samphire 2.95

Lamb(Gluten free) 18.45
14oz Lamb shank braised for 8 hours, served with Dijon mash, carrots, onions and minted jus

Halibut (Gluten free) 19.95
This is regarded as a popular food fish with ultra-low fat content and contains little fish oil. Served with spinach mash, spring onion and a three cheese sauce topped with poached egg
Perfect accompaniment – mixed salad 2.95

Chicken(Gluten free) 16.95
Chicken breast stuffed with goat cheese and kale, Pommeana, cherry tomatoes, chillies and white wine cream sauce

Monk fish (Gluten free) 20.95
Fine texture and sweet light flavour makes this fish a delicious indulgence for the diners. Is served with basmati rice, curry andsauté spinach

(V) Pasta(Gluten free) 12.95
Choice of spring onion and red pepper pesto OR stilton and greens sauce
Add Chicken/Sea food mix (Mussels and King Prawns) 2.50/5.25
Perfect accompaniment – Chunky chipsorshare a Caprese salad 2.95

(V) Wellington(Gluten free*) 13.25
A Boot Room speciality! Brie, cherry tomatoes and red onion mix in pastry, carrot & cumin puree, red pepper cream sauce with salad garnish
Perfect accompaniment – Chunky chipsorred Leicester mash 2.95

Sea Bream 16.25
Fillet of Sea Bream served with Tomato concasse, saffron news, samphire with caper sauce vierge

Hake(Gluten free) 17.95
Fillet of hake, colcannon and medley of mussel’s meat, prawns in a Scrumpy Jack cider sauce
Perfect accompaniment – Sugar snapsorSamphire 2.95

Moules(Gluten free) 16.95
Mussels served with hand cut chunky chips steamed in choice of sauces
Thai curry or bacon, cream and tarragon


Sticky toffee pudding 5.50
Our take on classic British dessert with a hint of coffee served with butterscotch sauce, homemade vanilla ice cream.

Cheesecake 5.50
Smooth, creamy, decadent cheesecake studded with sweet morsels of cookie dough and burst of mini chocolate chips. Fancy a homemade ice cream with cheesecake? Order a scoop for 99p only.

Snickerdoodle Creme Brulee 5.50
Rich cinnamon flavoured custard topped with burnt sugar and dusted with cinnamon, homemade chocolate shortbread.

Bread and butter pudding 5.50
A traditional pudding with Brioche served with warm Maple Banana sauce. Fancy a homemade ice cream on top? Order a scoop for 99p only.

Souffle of the day 5.50
‘A Boot Room speciality’, a supremely light baked souffle served with ice cream or sorbet. (Cooking time 15 minutes)

Cheese and Biscuits 7.50
A selection of British Cheese, crackers and chutney.

Homemade Ice Cream and sorbet per scoop 0.99
Please ask staff for selection.
Add a shot of Espresso to your scoop of Vanilla ice cream (Espresso Affogato) 3.25

Dessert taster plate 12.50
This is delightful selection of a mini Creme Brulee, souffle, bread & butter pudding, cheesecake and a scoop of homemade ice cream and sorbet. (Cooking time 15 minutes)